Cat Boarding

Our feline boarders stay in a separate area of the building. It is located one floor above the main hospital, which gives them a calm, quiet place to stay. Each cat is given a large multi-level area and they are let out to play in the boarding room, which contains scratching posts, a small cat-sized iron bed, and toys. There is even a large window where they can gaze out at trees and the dog play area if they choose.

Dog Boarding

We have an amazing boarding program. Our kennel is kept clean, the staff is well-trained, and the dogs are all spoiled. They are taken out, in either play groups or alone, every 2 hours while our hospital is staffed. During their time in the pen, the staff actively plays with the dogs and interacts with them based on their activity levels and personalities. We even have an inclined ramp for them to use and we put out a shallow pool for fun water time when it is warm. Dogs love boarding here!

Day Boarding

We also offer day boarding. The dogs wear themselves out with the play and the attention they receive. They get human interaction throughout the day as well as making new canine friends.